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The spacious corridor between Gather and our neighbor, Herban Bloom, doubles as an art space called Margaret in the Hall.


This gallery within a gallery features the work of favorite Vashon artist, Margaret Tylczak.

margaret tylczak

Rooted in every painting she creates is Margaret Tylczak’s passion for comment and commentary.  She was the cartoonist of her Stephens College newspaper, a protégé of Ed Bannister at Washington State University Murrow School of Communication, an award-winning advertising copywriter in Chicago and newspaper columnist on Vashon.  She has an oft-neglected blog. 

But she has found the pen is not always mightier than the paintbrush. When living in Minneapolis, she renewed her love of bright, not-found-in-nature colors at the Minneapolis Academy of Art and Design.  

During the 18 years as co-owner of Silverwood Gallery, over 700 of her paintings found a home with people who embrace her dogs, cats, occasional sheep, and, oh, the stories they tell.

In addition to having her work at Gather, Margaret has representation in Austin, Portland, and Minneapolis. She has contributed an image to VIPP and three images to Vashon Sheepdog Trials, which you occasionally see on a local back or chest.

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